Shopping Center MEGA Park

MEGA Park got its name thanks to the landscaping of the territory, about 700 trees and shrubs are planted here. Thanks to innovative filtration systems and unique climate control technologies, air purification is constantly carried out on the territory of the shopping center and a comfortable indoor temperature is maintained.



Almaty, Makataeva str., 127/1

General square

98617 м²

Commercial square

48566 м²


1 119 seats (924 in underground parking)

Visits per month

819032 human



In August 2014, the MEGA Park shopping and entertainment center welcomed its first guests. The convenient location of the shopping center on seifullin Avenue — one of the main transport arteries of the metropolis-provides easy access for both motorists and pedestrians. The concept of Mega Park Shopping Center was developed by the International French architectural company mb Architects.

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